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About Us

At Lucas Electronics, we are a family-owned, neighborhood electronics store proudly serving the great people of Brooklyn, NY. From small home appliances and headphones to big screen TVs, we offer a vast selection of quality products. And since “We Match All Prices with Amazon” is not just a catchy quote but a 100% Guarantee, we have helped tons of neighbors find top-notch electronics at affordable prices.

Don’t believe us? Just pick an item. If you find it cheaper at any major retailer, show us and we will match the price – guaranteed! As an authorized retailer of popular brands such as Miele, SONOS and Samsung, our customers at Lucas Electronics have piece-of-mind with every purchase.

And the best news! Our friendly, knowledgeable customer service doesn’t stop after your visit. Have an issue you can’t resolve? Need some help? We’re a group of passionate people who love music, film, photography and audio like anyone not living under a rock. Give us a call, it would be our pleasure to help.

By choosing Lucas Electronics your hard-earned dollars remain in your wallet and the local economy. Unlike other neighborhood electronic stores, our Amazon Price Match gives our customers the gratifying feeling of supporting their community while getting the lowest price they can find - only at Lucas Electronics!

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