Comfort Zone 1500W Forced Hot Air Electric Heater


This utility heater is designed with an oversized carrying handle to make it easier to move from room to room. The body stays cool to the touch even when on the high heat setting, so you can safely transport the heater from your garage to your bedroom or bathroom whenever you need a bit of extra heat on cold winter evenings. Built with safety in mind, this portable heater is loaded with safety features for added peace of mind. Automatic shut-off will cut the power to the heater whenever there is a risk of overheating, while the safety tip-over switch protects against electrical shock and fire if the unit is knocked over. This heater also includes power and caution indicator lights to warn you when the heater is turned on and when there is a possible issue. With an all-metal construction, this rugged utility heater is designed to last for years with the proper care and maintenance. The strong, durable metal will hold up to the regular wear and tear that comes from working in a garage or workshop, so you can enjoy a warm, comfortable setting. With a built-in thermostat, you can easily control the air output to tailor the temperature of your garage or workshop to your preference. Simply turn your heater on its highest setting until you have reached optimal temperature, and then switch it to the low setting to maintain that temperature.


Product Features

  • Convenient, Portable Design
  • Loaded with Safety Features
  • Rugged, Durable Construction
  • Precise Temperature Control

Comfort Zone CZ798BK Ceramic Forced Hot Air Electric Heater

  • Heat Settings

    2 Heat Settings- 1,000W & 1,500W





    Heating Method

    Forced Hot Air


    Number of Heat Settings



    Maximum Wattage

    Up to 1,500


    Additional Features

    Utility Heater; Safety Tip-Over Switch



    10.2(w) X 15.0(h) X 7.5(d)


    Shipping Weight

    6 lbs


    Warranty Terms - Parts

    12 Months


    Warranty Terms - Labor

    12 Months

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