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Comfort Zone 1000W Ceramic Heating Element Electric Heater


Powerful Fan with Two Adjustable Heat Settings Equipped with two heat settings and a powerful 14" dish reflector, the Comfort Zone Oscillating Radiant Dish Heater lets you circulate air throughout your space with ease. Not only does the powerful radiant heater generate heat in small spaces, it also circulates the air with the fan to warm up cold rooms in just a few minutes. Exceptional Safety Features Equipped with an overheat protection system featuring automatic shut-off in the event of overheating, this radiant heater is safe for indoor use in residential homes. For added protection, the built-in tip-over switch shuts off the power if the unit is accidentally knocked over. Complete Control Over Air Output This oscillating radiant heater features 70-degree oscillation that circulates air throughout a small room with ease. This helps push warm or hot air to the farthest corners of your space, filling the room with a comfortable, warm breeze. The adjustable tilt can be directed up or down, allowing you to direct the air output wherever you need it. Cool-to-the-Touch Grille With a flocked safety grille that stays cool to the touch, you can easily move this fan from room to room without burning your hands. The smart design lets you transport the heater from your office or workshop to your bedroom with ease, so you can bring a blast of warm air with you wherever you need it. Just plug it in and enjoy. Versatile Design From filling your bedroom with a warm breeze on cold winter evenings to directing hot air at your pipes to prevent freezing, this versatile radiant heater offers numerous use cases. Simply plug it in and point the heater in the direction you need to circulate warm air.


Product Features

  • Adjustable Heat Output
  • Compact Design
  • Precise Control
  • Versatile Heater
  • Superior Safety

Comfort Zone CZQTV007BK Radiant Quartz Heat Electric Heater

  • Heat Settings

    2 Heat Settings- 700W & 1,000W



    Adjustable Tilt


    Heating Method

    Ceramic Heating Element


    Automatic Safety Shut-Off

    Automatic Safety Shut-Off


    Number of Heat Settings



    Maximum Wattage

    Up to 1,000


    Additional Features

    Oscillating; Flame Resistant Plastic Cabinet; Stay Cool Molded Handle



    17.0(w) X 19.0(h) X 9.5(d)


    Shipping Weight

    8 lbs


    Warranty Terms - Parts

    12 Months


    Warranty Terms - Labor

    12 Months

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