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Introducing Nellie’s WOW Mop! Cordless, lightweight, rechargeable, the WOW Mop makes cleaning your floors SO easy, you might never want to stop! Featuring oscillating pads, a high-frequency motor and a long grip handle, you can now tackle dirt and stains completely and effortlessly. The WOW Mop comes with a pair of Nellie’s WOW Wet Floor cleaning pads that are machine washable, ecofriendly and can be reused over 100 times.

For best results, use with Nellie’s Floor Care and launder your cleaning pads with Nellie’s Laundry Soda. Great for hardwood, tile, ceramic and more.



Skip the cords, skip the hassle. Single charge allows the mop to run up to ~55 Minutes 



Two LED lights illuminate dirt and stains. Convenient for cleaning under large furniture.



It's automatic spray function allows you to control the amount of cleaner dispenced for easy, controlled cleaning.



The powerful motor delivers high-efficiency and thorough cleaning. Cleaning pad oscillation frequency moves up to 1000x/minute.



A joint on the base allows the handle to rotate from all angles, facilitating mopping. Cleaning underneath furniture has never been so easy.

Nellie's WOW MOP

  • A set of Nellie’s WOW Wet Floor cleaning pads, measuring cup, charging cord, user manual.

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