Deliver supplemental cooling and even heating to your home, office, apartment, and more with the Friedrich P12SA Portable Air Conditioner with Heat. Ideal for rooms up to 450 square feet, this single-hose AC is designed for year-round operation. Customers are falling in love with its versatility and user-friendly operation. Featuring an innovative design, one side offers cooling in the summer, while in the winter you simply spin the unit around and attach the heat clip for winter warmth.

3-in-1 Comfort

Comfort every day of the year is now within reach thanks to the Friedrich P12SA. With its multiple operating modes, you’ll always quickly find the right temperature for your space.

  • Cooling: Use 12,000 BTUs (ASHRAE)/6,888 BTUs (DOE Standard) of power to keep areas up to 450 square feet cool all summer long.
  • Heating: When winter temperatures arrive, simply rotate the unit 180 degrees, attach the heat clip, and provide 12,300 BTUs of supplemental heat.
  • Moisture Removal: Turn to dehumidify mode and remove 5.3 pints of excess moisture every hour from your indoor air.

Simple to Operate

Operating this Friedrich portable air conditioner is simple thanks to its user-friendly design. Whether you use the onboard touch electronic control panel or the included remote control dialing in on your perfect indoor temperature takes just the press of a button.


Added Comfort Features

The customizable operation keeps coming with this portable AC. In addition to built-in temperature regulation that allows you to choose your preferred temperature from 63 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit when cooling, added operating features makes this unit a powerful performer.

  • Sleep Mode: Use this setting for undisturbed nighttime operation. It’ll run the unit at a lower fan speed and will gradually increase the temperature to keep you comfortable while you rest.
  • Programmable Timer: Set the unit to automatically turn on or off at a specified time.
  • Auto Fan: When selected, this setting chooses the best fan speed to achieve your set temperature.

Additional Features

  • Washable Filter: An anti-microbial filter protects your environment from mold and is washable, so you save money on replacement filters.
  • Window Kit: The included window kit works in vertical and horizontal window openings, and a window bracket is also included (min: 24.5", max: 46").
  • Multiple Fan Speeds: Four fan speeds allow you to dial-in on the perfect setting for you.
  • Partial Evaporation: During routine operation collected moisture will be automatically exhausted through the exhaust hose. If the water tank fills, it’ll need to be manually drained.
  • Onboard Alarm: If the water tank is full an indicator alarm will let you know.


Friedrich P12SA 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

  • Dimensions

    33.2(w) X 16.0(h) X 25.2(d)


    Shipping Weight

    62 lbs

  • BTU for ASHREA

    12,000 BTU


    BTU for DOE

    6,888 BTU


    Power Requirements

    110 Volt 15 or 20 Amp Circuit (Parallel Plug)


    Outlet Type

    110V Grounded Outlet or Grounding Adapter Required



    12.9 Amps


    Plug Type



    Energy Efficiency Ratio

    9.1 EER


    Fan Speeds

    3 Fan Speeds


    Electronic Controls



    Remote Control



    Automatic Timer

    24 Hour Timer


    Cooling Area

    Cools up to 550 sq/ft


    Exhaust Hose

    5 Foot Exhaust Hose with Window Kit


    Condensation Collection Bottle

    Self Evaporating System


    Portable Casters



    Air Flow

    Fixed 2 Way Louvers


    Filter Type

    Standard Filter



    33.2(w) X 16.0(h) X 25.2(d)


    Shipping Weight

    62 lbs


    Warranty Terms - Parts

    12 Months


    Warranty Terms - Labor

    12 Months

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