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The RISE 12H tower heater creates a lot of comfort for its size. With its robust heat and surprisingly strong airflow, the RISE 12H warms your space while its modern design compliments it. 2 heat settings and a fan-only mode give you several options to achieve optimal comfort while simple controls make it easy to use. Advanced safety features, including a 2-stage auto-shutoff system and tip-over protection, along with a 1-year warranty, will keep your mind at ease. Raise expectations with the Sharper Image RISE 12H tower heater.


  • 2 heat levels, choose from low (450-Watt) and high (900-Watt) heating settings
  • Fan-only mode, even when heating isn't required, you can still circulate fresh air with this useful operating setting
  • Maximum performance, on its highest heat settings, this appliance is capable of creating 3,071 BTUs of supplemental warmth
  • Easy to operate, touch controls make it simple to find the right settings for you
  • Cool-touch cabinet, the outside of the space heater remains cool to the touch on even its highest heat setting
  • Overheat protection, if the airflow to the heater becomes blocked, the unit will turn off to prevent overheating

Sharper Image RISE 12H Tower Space Heater


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