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  • Whole Room Vortex Circulation
  • Moves Air 70 ft.
  • Multidirectional Air Flow
  • 3 Speed Control
  • Energy Saver
  • Flat Panel Design
  • 5 Year Warranty


Vornado proudly introduces the 673 Medium Panel Circulator, the latest addition to our flat panel series of Whole Room Circulators. The geometric, low profile design brings Vornado Vortex Action into a sleek, unobtrusive form that stands 12.75″ tall. The 673 provides high performance, moving air up to 70 feet. As a whole room circulator, the 673 Medium Panel Circulator is designed to focus a powerful beam of air horizontally across the room, or vertically towards the ceiling. Horizontal airflow is ideal for traditional whole room circulation, particularly for warm weather use. Focusing the air upwards maximizes the 673’s ability to force warm air off the ceiling to the rest of the room – an added bonus during winter months. The minimalistic design and medium size allow the 673 to easily fit into your living space. Contrasting high gloss and textured finishes create a modern yet understated look that fits a variety of décor. An easy-to-use three speed control knob is located discreetly, yet in easy reach.


Circulate all the air in the room.

A Vornado circulator uses special airflow called Vortex Action to circulate all the air in the room. The air flows fast, cool and constant to create a cooling experience unlike any other.


Satisfaction guaranteed.

Most Vornado products have a guarantee that gives you peace of mind for 5 years — the not-so-standard, standard.


Warranty5 year
Item Weight5.56 lbs.
Item Height12.75 in.
Item Depth8.8 in.
Item Width12.4 in.
Hertz60 HZ
Powercord Plug Type2-Pin Polarized

Vornado 673 Medium Panel Air Circulator

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