The Vornado ATH1 effectively circulates heat, without the need for oscillation, using V-Flow™ heat circulation, enhanced by Vornado’s Auto Climate Control intelligence. Whole room heat circulation begins with a powerful blower to create a strong current of hot air. By passing the heat through specially contoured louvers, the ATH1 distributes the heated air in a wide, V-shaped pattern that creates a more consistently comfortable space. This wide, powerful airflow is superior to oscillating heaters that create unbalanced heat output and leave hot and cold spots in the room. With Auto Climate Control, the ATH1 intelligently manages heat output and fan speed to precisely maintain the room temperature you have selected. Select from 3 fan settings, and select “Auto (A)” mode to allow the fan to cycle on and off with the heating element, or “Continuous (C)” for constant heat circulation. Using the “Low” and “High” heat option, you can set the unit to operate at 750W or 1500W according to your preference. This allows for even more control of heat output and energy consumption, and can help to eliminate annoying circuit overloads. The ATH1 is equipped with a host of safety features, including a tipover switch, automatic safety shut off if airflow becomes obstructed, a sturdy, non-oscillating base, and an exterior that stays cool to the touch, even after hours of operation. 5 Year Warranty


Heat all the air in the room.

A Vornado whole room tower heater uses special airflow called V-Flow™ to heat all the air in the room. The air flows fast, warm and gentle to create a heating experience unlike any other.


  • V-Flow Whole Room Heat Circulation
  • Auto Climate Control
  • Touch Sensitive Interface w/ LCD Display
  • Superior Heat Distribution – Without Oscillation
  • 2 Airflow Settings – Auto or Continuous
  • 2 Heat Settings – 750W or 1500W


Satisfaction guaranteed.

Most Vornado products have a guarantee that gives you peace of mind for 5 years — the not-so-standard, standard.

Vornado ATH1


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