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Element SA Air + Steam Humidifier


With the option of hot, warm and cool steam, the Element SA is changing the way that you look at steam humidifiers. Vornado's "cool steam" changes the nature of steam humidification — using air to cool and distribute the steam vapor at room temperature. Infusing aromatherapy into the steam through the removable essential oils cup allows you to tailor the experience even further. Its safety-centric design offers stress-free operation with locking controls, a covered heat element and auto shut-off for when the tank runs low on water. It creates humidity from water that has been boiled. The tank stores the water at room temperature and very little water is boiled at one time, while still bellowing immense amounts of humidity and fresh scents into the air. Easy to clean, easy to refill, you’ve never experienced a humidifier like this before.


Powerful steam humidification in under a minute.

Don’t let the size fool you. Element creates steam in under one minute, and has the humidification power to fill your entire space, up to 1,000 sq. ft. Unlike typical misting humidifiers, Vornado steam humidifiers comfortably fill the entire room with your ideal amount of humidity without making a mess on the surfaces around it. White dust, dirty filters and wicks are now a thing of the past.

Customize your steam experience.

You now have multiple ways to humidify the whole room - using airflow to create 3 distinct steam temperature settings. Pick the steam experience that’s ideal for you, your kids or the season. Customize your steam experience, then enjoy comfort at a whole new level.

Safety-centric from the start.

Boiling water - It’s the original way to sanitize, and it's what allows Element to create humidity from water that has been effectively treated. Plus, Element boils only 4 oz. of water within a double-insulated silicone chamber. You’ve never experienced a more safety-centric or stress-free steam humidifier.

Genius controls.Element SA features touch-sensitive lockable controls, 3 air-assisted steam temperature settings, and auto humidity control. A digital display and steam color indicator light provide visual feedback for selected settings.Aromatherapy ready.Element SA features a removable, easy to fill essential oils cup. Just add your favorite aroma to experience a custom, multi-sensory kind of comfort. Essential oils not included.Humidify all the air in the room.A Vornado humidifier uses special airflow called Vortex Action to humidify all the air in the room. The air flows fast and gentle to create a consistent, natural comfort unlike any other.A clearly better tank.Element SA utilizes Vornado's new SimpleTank System. The new 0.75-gallon water tank is easy-to-carry, fill, install, and clean. It is clearly better.

Vornado Element SA Air + Steam Humidifier

SKU: Element SA
    • Vortex assisted whole room steam humidification
    • 0.75 gallon water tank capacity
    • Output of up to 4 gallons over 24 hours
    • Automatic humidity control intelligently regulates 30-70% humidity/li>
    • 3 air-assisted steam temperature settings (cool/warm/hot)
    • Coverage up to 1,000 sq. ft.
    • Built-in aromatherapy through a removable essential oils cup
    • Easy-to-use push button controls 
    • 360-degree air intake
    • Humidification helps reduce airborne viruses and bacteria, relieve coughs and allergies, soothe dry skin, and provide more restful sleep
    • Integrated carrying handle
    • Whisper quiet operation
    • Removable cap and clear tanks make refilling a breeze
    • Spill-proof water tank
    • 5 Years manufacturer Warranty

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